Corny Kids Club

Corny Kids Club

New season, new Club!
Re-enrollment for Corny Kids


Last year was the first year of our Corny Kids Club and we hope your kids enjoyed coloring their shirts, shopping the market, and searching for Cornelieus to get their coloring page! We also hope that being part of the club helped introduce your kids to fruits and veggies they never would have tried before. After all, that is our ultimate goal!

So we've decided to kick things up a notch to get them even more involved in the market shopping...

This year, when kids enroll in the Corny Kids Club (and, yes, they will need to re-enroll at the information booth so we know they still want in!), they'll receive their very own personal market tote bag. Then, when they use the clue to find Cornelieus, the vendor will give them their own kid-sized portion of the product of the day! The next day, you'll receive an email with the same recipes, fun facts, and (of course) corny jokes that the kids enjoyed from last year's coloring pages.

And each Corny Kid that brings their bag back to the market for the rest of the season will get their product of the day, but only if they have their bag!

We hope that putting the actual fruit or veggie into their very own market tote will go a long way towards helping your kids get excited to try new and healthier foods, and that shopping the farmers market continues to be a fun experience for the whole family!